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Flowering Plants & Vegetables

We grow and sell many plants including the most popular alyssum, dusty miller, dianthus, geraniums, petunias, marigolds, impatiens, lobelia, pansies, bacopa, million bells, super petunias, tomatoes – small and large, peppers, cucumbers, and mixed hanging baskets.

Spring/Summer Hours

As of April 1st
9 am-5 pm 7 days/week, closed on June 15.



This low growing annual is bee friendly! Colours are commonly soft white and purple. Alyssum is a popular choice for partial shade groundcover. Perfect for rock gardens and resistant to heat and drought. Easy to grow for our zone and flowers more profusely if spent blooms are pinched off.

dusty miller

Dusty Miller

Silvery white and wooly, Dusty Miller is popular in horticulture for its unusual and lacey foliage. Winter hardy, fire and deer resistant, this annual is a popular favourite for local gardens every year. Dusty Miller is often used as an accent in wedding bouquets, flower arrangements and other floral crafts.



Another deer and drought resistant beauty, Dianthus is a perennial that needs full to part sun to thrive. They bloom in spring and summer in a range of colours from purple and red to white, pink and yellow with blue-green foliage. Great for containers and cut flowers with a strong fragrance of cloves and spicy florals.



They bloom in soft, inviting colours like salmon to bicolours and vibrant reds. Annual geraniums need full sun, rich well drained soil, and flower throughout the season. They are relatively drought tolerant, and allowing them to stress for a day or two before watering, encourages profuse blooming. We have several varieties that suit both hanging baskets and potted planting.



If you love hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, plant petunias in baskets and hang them on your viewing deck or in front of a sun-facing window. They need full sun, regular watering and fertilization while blooming. Petunia care involves deadheading to remove spent blooms and seeds to produce more blooms.


Super Petunias

Supertunias are vigorous spreading plants, great for hanging baskets to achieve a robust colourful look. They trail two or three feet over the edge of the basket. Supertunias have large or mini blooms depending on the variety and used in gardens, create a stunning ground cover. Need a flowering plant to trail over your rock wall? Supertunias are a great choice.



Marigolds are one of our must-have flowering annuals. They attract pollinators and predatory insects like ladybugs that eat aphids and other pests. Companion planting marigolds with tomatoes is no longer a well-kept secret. French Marigolds produce chemicals that kill nematodes, so plant them plentifully with tomatoes (but not beans!). Some varietals are among the world’s most edible flowers and taste delicious in salads.



Who loves Impatiens? We do! And we know you love them too, so we stock them yearly for spring planting. Gorgeous in a variety of colours including deep yellow, violet, a lovely soft pink, red and violet. Shade tolerant with long lasting blooms make this little doll a local favourite.



Lobelia accents any flowerbed, with glowing tiny blooms of white, dark to sky blue and violet. Popular as an addition to hanging flower baskets, lobelia is one of our year-to-year top sellers.



So adorable! Like little faces smiling in the sun, these colourful blooming plants are still one of our most sought-after annuals when spring planting fever arrives each year.

hanging baskets flowers

Mixed Hanging Baskets

A riot of colour with otherworldly scent, our hanging baskets make a perfect accent to your porch or deck. Select a basket for either full or partial sun, and plenty of water during hot spells to prevent drooping. Pinch off spent blooms to encourage growth, and fertilize periodically. Flowering baskets attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.



Every year, we grow a large selection of vegetables for South Okanagan gardeners. These vegetables grow well in potted containers in full sun on your deck for easy harvesting, or thrive in a garden space with rich loamy soil. A companion plant for your tomatoes are marigolds, whether you choose cherry tomatoes for salads, or larger varieties like Beefsteak for slicing. Roma and other paste tomatoes cook down into a delicious, rich sauce to complete pasta recipes or chili. Buy your own plants to grow your own, or wait until our late summer’s harvest and buy your fresh tomatoes from us.

Tomatoes Small & Large, Peppers, Cucumbers, and more!

Late Summer Hours

Tomato Crop Season
August 1 – September 30 from 9 am – 5 pm – Open 7 days/week

Call or Email for more information on plant availability or drop by and see what’s in stock as our inventory is always changing. We would love to meet you!

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Spring/Summer Hours
as of April 1, 9 am - 5 pm 7 days/week, closed on June 15.